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Pastors Dave and Jennifer Ragan

Dave and Jennifer Ragan have been described by ministry teams all over the world as a dynamic apostolic and prophetic team, changing the face of ministry as we know it. Fueled by an insatiable passion for His presence, Dave and Jennifer minister with a no-nonsense mentality towards the Kingdom. Having been raised in church and ministry all of their lives, they have seen a lot and desire more than anything to be driven by his Presence, not religion or the traditions of men. With a drive to see the Kingdom of God manifested in the earth, this powerful team adds a whole new definition to the term dynamic Duo.

Dave and Jennifer have been mentored by some of the most anointed apostles, prophets, pastors and psalmists that the 21st century has ever known. Having written numerous praise and worship songs, they also have an album entitled, "Only You." "Only You" has traveled to foreign shores and continues to minister to those who experience this powerfully refreshing praise and worship album. They are currently preparing for their newest project which is sure to bless the Kingdom in an unprecedented manner.

Equipped with a sharpened gift for teaching and preaching, Dave and Jennifer know how vitally important it is to impart the rhema word of God to this generation without compromise. Called to the ascension gifts of apostle and prophet, Dave and Jennifer are under the spiritual covering of the IPHC, as well as Mark Chironna, and Dr.'s David and Vernette Rosier. So buckle your seat belt and prepare for the ride of your life as Dave and Jennifer Ragan tear the lid off your doubt, rip the heart out of your fear, and push you to a new level of living!!!