Mission Statement

To reach the unfortunate individuals who have been down on their luck and blessings for a season of time. To bring hope to the hopeless in love, deed, and giving as God has led us to do. To encourage and to lift their beliefs to a level that they too are the treasures of the Kingdom of God's people just as they are made in His image.

About the Ministry

Since 2002, HMC has envisioned bringing the word of God to a hurting world through music and lyrics of the gospel message. HMC has grown into a moving biblical vehicle reaching the incarcerated and homeless, as well as entire communities. The focus of this ministry is to reach people where many do not want to minister. In doing so, HMC has exploded on the scene in Florida's Penitentiaries and Homeless community to touch the untouchable. This dynamic crusade team is committed to the restoration and rehabilitation of people caught up in situations that have escalated beyond their control. Identified by our society as the ‘throwaways’ or ‘forgotten’, HMC takes the church of Jesus Christ to them. Our team expresses no condemnation, but only respect, admonition, and the word of God as the foundation of truth.
This season our tour was named “CONSUMING FIRE” Tour 2016. We travel across Florida with regional recording artists The Mars Hill Band along with a full pastoral staff of ordained ministers. God has hand-picked this team, anointed it, and commissioned it to penetrate boundaries like no other, using a unique style of praise music.
The Mars Hill Band is a gifted group of minstrels originating from Jacksonville, Florida in 2002. The members, taken from diverse cultures of music all around the United States of America, form the power of praise that ushers in the gospel message in our crusades. Anointed lyrics and classic rock music make up an awesome concert sound that lifts the curiosity levels of all who attend our events.

Join Us

Help break the cycle of homelessness and incarceration by giving your financial gift to this ministry. Harvest Ministries Crusades is a Home Mission team reaching prisons and shelters around North East Florida with the desire to bring hope and transformation of the heart by the message of Jesus Christ to the unfavored victims of our community.
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For booking, or more information on advancing the Kingdom of God by way of this dynamic ministry, contact:

Pastor Kent Gardner
Harvest Ministries Crusades
2550 Fouraker Rd.
Jacksonville, Florida 32210
(904) 783-3488

For an insight into our travels, The Mars Hill Band, touring events, music, and updates see us on facebook @ The Mars Hill Band Prison Crusades